Hello! My name is Gardenia, and I’m a graphic designer. I am also a proud first gen college graduate from the Coachella Valley with a BFA in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Communication Studies from Cal Poly Pomona.
Growing up, I was told I had great skill in drawing and design, and I had always enjoyed fashion design in particular. That influenced me to enter Cal Poly Pomona as an Apparel Merchandising and Marketing major. Once there, I realized I wasn’t as comfortable as I wanted to be; I wanted to pursue and learn more about graphic design, so I decided to change my major to Visual Communication Design. Now I feel more at place and I am happy to say I have found successes and enjoyment in my time as a VCD student. 
As a designer, I enjoy branding, product design, and motion graphics. A fun fact about me is I have worked as a Peer Mentor during college because I enjoy helping others learn.
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