Client: Art History Department, Cal Poly Pomona
Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop 
Team Members: Alejandra Arevalo, Emmanuelle Hidalgo, and Erika J. Lopez
This project consisted of producing the annual Art History Newsletter for 2022 as a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate newsletter for use as a majors-recruitment and public-relations tool for Cal Poly Pomona’s B.A. in Art History. The design concept is based on the global variety that Cal Poly Pomona’s BA in Art History offers. A specific color scheme was set up and integrated throughout the newsletter, along with the imagery of various works of art and historical sites that reflect the CPP Art History’s curriculum. These images were used consistently with the color overlays as the main design. Contributions that I made to this project include collecting images, image editing, body copy layout editing, and overall design style decisions and feedback.
This semester long project began with the four of us in the team proposing theme ideas to each other and moving forward with selected themes to create newsletter drafts. After presenting our drafts to the client, and deciding on a theme, style, and color palette, we continuously edited and revised the graphics and newsletter grid. The semester consisted of hours long video meetings, all collaboratively making design decisions and edits. During our work time out of video meetings, I searched and edited images, and worked on the body copy typography. Although the team worked together entirely through video calls and messages, the collaboration did not suffer and we produced a piece for the client that everyone was happy with. 
View the full PDF version of the Art History Newsletter here.

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