Client: Self Study
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects
Runtime: 01:08
This piece was selected into Cal Poly Pomona’s 2D3D+ Student Art Showcase 2023.
MFASR (Music for a Sushi Restaurant) Lyric Video, is a motion graphic consisting of filmed footage and kinetic typography. The main objective of this project is to animate with rhythm. The goal is accomplished by using sequences of animated typography and vector graphics in conjunction with the music and lyrics. This lyric video has a food and dinnerware theme, in reference to the Harry Styles song. Just like the music, the motion graphic has a fun and bright mood that is achieved through movement, typography, and color scheme. In addition to the lyric motion graphic, merchandise was designed and created. MFASR Stickers were designed to reference scenes and lyrics from the motion graphic. A tote bag was designed to similarly reference lyrics, and one of the motion sequences.
Tote Bag Design
Sticker Designs

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