Client: Self Study
Software: Rhino 3D, Adobe Illustrator, Blender
This piece was awarded first place in Visual Communication Design at Cal Poly Pomona’s 2D3D+ Student Art Showcase 2023.
Vibrant Home Collection is a home decor brand, with this project specifically showcasing a wall clock design and it’s corresponding packaging design. This piece is inspired by Henri Matisse work, referencing the atypical shapes and vivid color schemes from a selection of his work. The project consists of three deliverables: a 3D model of the product with it’s technical drawing, a 3D render of the product and it’s packaging design showcased as an advertisement poster, and the 3D fabrication of the product and packaging. 
3D Digital Model
The 3D model of the product was made using Adobe Illustrator and Rhino 3D. The shapes of the clock frame and hands, which are inspired by Matisse’s artwork, were imported into Rhino 3D from vector graphics. The technical drawing was also created in Rhino 3D and displays the overall dimensions of the product.
3D Render
The 3D render seen here was created using a combination of Rhino 3D and Blender. The 3D model, as previously explained, was imported into Blender to add materials, color, and texture to the model. The packaging design and clock face design was created using Adobe Illustrator; to add these designs into the 3D model in Blender, UV maps were used in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop to create the final rendered image. The render is set on a desk or table like environment to suggest the home decor’s feel. 
The 3D fabrication of the product and packaging design were created to reflect a replica of the 3D digital model to scale. The wall clock consists of 3D printed material, illustration board, paper, and repurposed clock mechanics to function.​​​​​​​
The packaging design was created using cardboard meticulously measured, scored, cut, and folded into the shape seen above, to allude to the shape of a home because of the brand name. The sleeve of the packaging was created with a printed design and poster board measured, cut and folded with the ability to have the box slide easily into and out of the sleeve.

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