Client: Self Study
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign
Logotype Design
The Crackle Chips logotype demonstrates the brand’s style by using a clean simple typeface while illustrating the R and P to simulate the product’s cracking chips. The entire logotype is typically used in the soft black color to contrast against the brand colors.
The logotype needs a minimum clearspace that is equal to the width of the H, applied around the entire logotype.
The logotype has an animated version that may be used for motion graphics. The animation illustrates the cracked letters R and P in the logotype spreading out to simulate a cracking chip, and then regather to the original logotype.
Packaging Design
The packaging design was amongst the first brand applications to be designed. The packaging is made in three colors to represent a flavor of the product, which includes blue for sea salt, orange for cheddar cheese, and red for barbecue. The packaging includes a fragmented design above the appropriate flavor / brand color; this design is in a soft beige color with a an applied potato chip texture to allude to the gentler, healthier potato chips. The packaging also includes a transparent fragment to showcase the actual potato chips inside the packaging to the consumer. The front view of the packaging includes the brand’s name / logotype as well as the ‘baked’ descriptor and flavor name. The back view of the packaging includes a brief summary of the potato chips brand as well as it’s nutritional information.
Motion Graphic
The motion graphic is an example of what may be used for a promotional advertisement. The motion graphic includes many of the brand’s design elements including the packaging design, the tagline, the chips, and the animated logotype. The motion graphic is meant to maintain the brand’s simple and gentle aura with a fun tone.
Social Media Graphics
The social media graphics are made for advertisement purposes. Similar to the motion graphic, these graphics are meant to be simple and fun. Made in a square format, these ads are ideal to be viewed in apps and sites on handheld devices like cell phones.
The poster was made as an advertisement for the product. The poster includes many of the brand’s design elements including the logotype, packaging, and taglines. The poster can be used for product advertisement outside of the retail environment as the physical or digital version; the poster may also be used and manipulated for retail display use inside the retail environment.
Brand Guidelines
View the full PDF version of the Crackle Chips Brand Guidelines here.

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