Client: Project CAMINOS & EAP
Software: Adobe Illustrator ​​​​​​​
Project CAMINOS at Cal Poly Pomona is set on supporting prospective students and families with their college discovery, selection, and transition to Cal Poly Pomona. The student assistant graphic designers work on multiple tasks, which includes creating promotional items such as merchandise, for the target audience of prospective college students and/or their families. A few examples include the CSU poster, CPP lanyards, CPP T-shirts, and STEM stickers.
CSU Posters
The CSU Poster was a revamp of an existing poster of the same style that featured illustrations of every CSU university’s mascot. The poster was required to be re done due to the illustrations not being on brand for the CSU. My revamped poster replaced the mascot illustrations with button illustrations reflecting the corresponding university’s colors. The typeface was kept the same with some style adjustments. ​​​​​​​
A quantity of 80 (18” x 24”) posters were printed and distributed. The posters were used for on campus events and was also displayed at local high schools.
CPP Lanyards
A quantity of 2500 lanyards were purchased and ordered by Project CAMINOS. The lanyards have been used as promotional merch to be distributed to the target audience and to represent Cal Poly Pomona. The design incorporates the horseshoe, which is also a part of the Project CAMINOS logo. The back side of the lanyard incorporates the eight colleges at CPP to inform people about Cal Poly Pomona.
CPP T-shirts
A quantity of 400 T-shirts were purchased and ordered. The T-shirts are used as promotional merch and is given out to the Project CAMINOS target audience.
First-Gen in STEM Stickers
A quantity of 400 (2” x 2”) stickers were ordered and distributed. The stickers were made for STEM Success Network at Cal Poly Pomona. The stickers were also distributed at CPP’s First-gen college student week events for students.

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